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mom and daughter hug

You miss her and you worry, but you can't be there as much as you'd like. We can help!

developmentally disabled teen with mom

He's worked hard to show he can live on his own. We can help you support his independence.

soldier home

The stress can take a toll. He's done his best to protect you; now it's your turn.



I benefit hugely from my Cue You app.  After incurring concussions in virtually every sport I played I began to doubt my short-term memory. At work I have a rather complicated schedule which varies daily. So, now, when I think of an errand or a task I shouldn’t forget, I enter it in my Cue You, and it will not let me forget it.  And it's simple to program and simple to use. 

David France



CUE YOU™ Offers You Peace of Mind!
Flexible, Powerful, Dependable.
Simple Technology for Independent Living.

Dad passed away, and now you worry about Mom. She's been in the hospital twice in the last few weeks because she forgot to take her medicine, and sometimes you even wonder if she's eating regularly. You know she's lonely, but how can you help? Even though you have that nagging feeling that she's not functioning well, you can barely manage life as it is! You're thinking that maybe it's time for assisted living; but you know shedoesn't want that. And assisted living costs a fortune! Our app can help with that!

With CUE YOU™you can remind her to take her medicine every time it's due. You can tell her exactly where to find it and even include a picture of the pill! Remind her of appointments, but also schedule some fun messages to include her in her grandchildren's lives... A video of little Eva, an excerpt of her favorite song, photos of Dad before they married - even a 'Joke of the Day' from our collection!

John was born with a developmental disability and has special needs. He has done so well and is almost ready to move into an apartment and stretch his wings. You are so pleased that he's come this far, but you want to be there for him; you know he's going to need a bit of help managing life on his own, and you want to be able to offer emotional support and some reminders without smothering him. He needs a safety net. CUE YOU™ can help with that!

Use CUE YOU™ create a safe environment. Schedule the App to remind John to lock his door at night, direct him to the bus stop, remind him to be wary of strangers. A video of you telling him how proud you are of his accomplishments can go a long way to create self confidence.

Michael was glad to serve his country, and he's returned safely home. But Michael seems distracted since he got home. You've noticed some forgetfulness, and he's so quiet. His doctor reports that his status is a result of the stress of his responsibilities within the military. You know Michael wants to be able to provide for the family, and you know he loves you; but you know he needs help. We can help with that!

Michael can create his own schedule - or you can create one for him. CUE YOU™can remind him of important appointments; but by sharing account credentials with loved ones, the entire family can send loving, supportive messages - no matter how scattered the family might be!

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