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How It Works...

CUE YOU™ is unique in that a major portion of the App resides on the website and is accessed by through the internet. The other portion of CUE YOU™ is downloaded onto an iPhone*, which is customized to work as a receiver matching specific needs of the person receiving messages.

At the time of the initial installation, the receiving device is paired with the portion of the App residing on the website through a QR code. This pairing procedure is quick and painless; we lead you through it, step by step. It can easily be done remotely - meaning that the message sender and receiver can be thousands of miles apart; and CUE YOU™ will deliver messages accurately and securely - even from a great distance.

* iPod Touch and iPad (2nd generation and newer), are compatible; however, they can't make use of all the features of CUE YOU™.

Creating and Scheduling Messages with CUE YOU™

CUE YOU™ is a two-way communication system that not only offers reminders to take meds, but also supports the message recipient by keeping her connected to family and community. The App allows the creation of as many as 64 messages at a time - with photos, audio attachments, video, and even a daily joke if you'd like. And there's an option to set up a one-touch speed-dial contact number in case of emergency. To schedule messages...

  1. Login and go to the Device Management screen where you edit settings for the receiver's iPhone.
  2. Clicking 'Manage Schedule' takes you to the details of all the messages you've created.
    Here you can edit or remove existing messages. Click 'Create a New Message' to add to
    the schedule. Create messages and select options to customize the content.
  3. You can schedule each message in just a few seconds.
  4. Click 'Create Reminder' to send.
  5. Continue adding messages to the schedule.
  6. All messages are stored in the recipient's iPnone at once, so if the recipient's device
    loses its internet connection, messages are still delivered as scheduled.

CUE YOU™ from the Perspective of the Recipient

The App is designed for ease of use. Messages arrive automatically and alert using the ringtone or vibration you select. The recipient needs only to have the ability to touch a screen lightly in order to receive reminders and enjoy greetings in the form of text and voice messages, music, brief videos and photographs of family and friends - even daily humor! And importantly, the same one touch ease of use is available in an emergency, when a single touch of the screen automatically dials for help. Here's how easy it is...

  1. The device alerts when a new message is delivered. A summary of the message appears
    on the screen automatically.
  2. The recipient swipes the bottom of the screen to open the iPhone.
  3. She lightly touches the CUE YOU™ button on the screen to reveal the entire message.
  4. When she has viewed the message or performed actions required by a reminder, she touches the 'Done It!' button.
  5. A 'Thank You' message appears briefly; then the screen reverts to a black screen with the CUE YOU™ logo.
  6. The device automatically sends a notice to the 'Message Schedule' on the CUE YOU™ website, where the sender can confirm that reminders and messages are being received.

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