• How to begin?
    Create a caregiver account on the Cue You website. This is most easily done on a device with a large screen. Download the app from the Apple App Store onto the recipient’s idevice. Hold the receiving device in front of the website account QR code. This pairs the caregiver account with the recipient’s device.
  • Where can I purchase the app?
    The app is available on the Apple App store.
  • Does the app work on any smart phone?
    The app is currently only available for Apple devices.
  • Can the account be set up and the receiving Apple device be linked if they aren’t in the same location?
    Yes, the receiving Apple device can take a picture of the QR code through the FACETIME feature.
  • Can I set up an iPhone and an iPad for the same account?
    Multiple devices can receive the same cues. They will all receive the same message at the same time from the same account. For different devices to receive messages, they must each have the Cue You app installed.
  • Why are the file sizes for uploading video, audio and images limited?
    Because the app has limited storage capacity.
  • Will a power outage affect the message cues?
    When Cues are created they are immediately downloaded onto your phone so if the power is interrupted the messages will still be sent.
  • What if I lose my internet connection?
    The stored Cues will still appear as scheduled.
  • How long do the Cue alerts sound?
    The alerts stop after 1/2 hour.